BARGAM 'Compact Trailed' Sprayers for the UK

The Bargam 'Compact' trailed is a hot contender for 2013 trailed sprayer choice.  The machine is available with a 3200lt, 4200lt, 5200lt or 6200lt tank.  Boom sizes from 24m to 42m.  This machine is strong, stable and sophisticated.  It has many features including a steering axle which works without any mechanical steering device to the tractor.  The wiring and computer system is a 100% Mueller system.  Mueller controllers are Germany's leading manufacturer of rate controller and GPS equipment.  All the Mueller controllers Bargam use are GPS ready and have features like auto boom height control and headland assist built into the computer. 

The sprayers themselves have a low centre of gravity, a strong chassis and very strong booms.  These machines can go straight to work in factory sized farms with 100% confidence.  Go to http://www.bargam.co.uk/compact-bdl-range for more details.